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Global Grid Activation Event

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Namaste Everyone!

Global Grid Activation Event online telesummit has ended and we received some wonderful feedback from all of you about all 6 of the light activation videos from: Zoe Davenport, Elizabeth Wood, Archanaa Shayam, Jewels Infynite Gold, Allison Holley and myself Julianna Quijano. We heard how powerful these were. They were instantaneously shifting and changing your energy fields, your mind, body and spirit in profound loving ways and that you could feel the beautiful energy of each unique soul's signature radiating through each meditative process. Some individuals tapped into their light language, connections to the councils of light, intuitive channeling and many more quantum layers of energy. I was very aware of the high vibrational impact it would have on the consciousness of the group and it continues to evolve as I here more from the audience. I am so grateful to have been a part of this amazing group of global leaders. I am offering it to you here for purchase on my website. It is definitely a package you want to have in your multidimensional library! I highly recommend that you provide yourself with this gift to add to your ascension process.

The Global Grid activations will help you create and feel more love and light in the world and understand how energy is received then transmitted from your body into the Earth grids. You will be inspired by other global leaders who are changing the world and infusing it with their quantum new earth frequencies of light.

Let me share something with you.

I’ve always known that everyone on this planet has a bigger mission then to just live the mundane life of working a mediocre job to pay the bills, maybe have some entertainment or family time then go to bed wake up and do it all over again. We are way more powerful then just to live that type of lifestyle. If you are on the same wavelength as me then keep reading. It’s time for us to wake up to the fact that we are very powerful light beings living in these beautiful human bodies to have an amazing elevating realities on Mother Earth’s body which we were gifted to experience by Source our Creator of all that is. But many of us humans are still asleep to the fact that we can change and make major shifts to the world from the inside out. We have the power to choose an awesome awe- inspiring life.To connect to the crystalline new earth light grids, galactic grids and beyond. But we must wake up and choose this. No one else is going to do it for you. It's a journey we must take inside to our soul's destiny.

To inspire you and get you creating the light and designing the life your soul is designed for, I created an The Global Grid Activation Event telesummit so that you can get that inspiration from me and 5 other global light tribe leaders. It is part of this Mass Awakening humanity is soaring into. And you won’t want to miss watching, feeling, sensing these amazing videos I have lined up.

You will discover how other leaders of the light tribe utilize their gifts and talents of their personal frequency to help us rise to the highest New Earth Ascension and how you can use your own soul’s energy to do that too. We are here together and we need you to commit to your light and light up your life on these Earth global grids, galactic grids and multidimensional space.
So Join Us on this Ascension Awakening journey to the higher light of YOU!!


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Package Details:
All 6 light activations (more than 2 hours of transformations)
plus the offered free gifts by the global speakers
free 30 minute consultation call with me, Julianna Quijano
Priceless light offerings for your transformation

Thank you for all you do for Earth!
Infinite Source Lovelight

Julianna Quijano

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Global Grid Activation Event with New Earth Leaders:  All 6  light activations (more than 2 hours of transformations)  plus the offered free gifts by the global speakers;  free 30 minute consultation call with me, Julianna Quijano.  Priceless light offerings for your transformation  and ascension process.