Julianna's Divine Essence

Reawakening LoveLight!

Julianna Quijano is an advanced StarLight Being who has Reincarnated on Earth to assist in raising the vibrations and frequencies of our beloved Mother Gaia and all lifeforms interacting on the planet and throughout this existence.   She is consciously serving her Soul's purpose by Reawakening Humanity and all lifeforms in the Universe.  Through her highest intentions of love she transmits Source energy, sound and light waves to everyone choosing  this Divine Cosmic experience.  It is her passion and calling to connect with the sounds, tones, rhythms and beauty of Nature and share that wisdom and truth with all relations so that we collectively Remember and Rediscover our Highest Divine Self.

Julianna has extensive knowledge, education and experience with metaphysical and spiritual modalities such as Reiki, Shaminism, Quantum energies, Angel DNA reprogramming and channeling, Light Language, Native American practices, instrumental sound healing, vocal toning and meditation. She works with all realms of Divine spirit as intuitively guided to help individuals access their inner wisdom and empower them on their life path to enjoy life, to be free in mind and heart, and to learn to coexist easily, happily.  She also works with various types of holistic movement such as dance, yoga, Pilates, and free form movement which assist in connecting mind, body and spirit balancing the energy centers or chakras.  Her sessions and workshops combine all her talents in unique ways to create powerful and beautiful shifts that can transform all matter, spirit and soul.  Julianna connects directly with  Source Creator and all Creator energies such as: angelic realms, ascended masters, elementals, star families, and beyond to provide deep internal healing of core issues.    "When the energies of Source and our Soul  Realign with the body, mind, and spirit of our Divine Human Template we end up Reconnecting Reuniting our internal pathways in profound magical ways transcending beyond the consciousness of our being."

She works with higher frequencies of light encoded energy in very raw organic ways to allow individuals to uncover their Divine truth.  She also guides them to Rediscover their connections to Gaia, all the cosmic energies and spaces and make heart to heart bonds with the Stone Beings, Plant Beings, Animal Beings, and much more.  This Reconnection process awakens the original blueprint of cells, DNA and microcosmos of every individual's essence.

Julianna also has missions to receive and explore energies from star gateways, grids and cosmic events  and transmit pure love out into the greater expansions of light from her own Soul's Divine signature, codes and frequencies.  She is strongly made aware of the importance of this Regenerating Light Information process that activates  the New Earth energies and codes.  "I'm honored, grateful and blessed to be connected with Gaia and the living library of the Cosmos in the highest service to Source's LoveLight Energy and Divine Design." 


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