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Divine Transformational Ascension Guide & Star Grid Light Keeper

*Consciousness Beyond Infinite Light*

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 Let's venture the inner path of light  with courage, compassion, and wonder opening all the possibilities of You  the Infinite, You the Awakened Human, You the Starbeing, You the Divine One.  

Divine Transformational Awakening Guide


I assist individuals and groups in ReEmbodying their soul's essence.  We begin the multilayered quantum shift with intuitive transformational coaching.  We ReEmpower the whole being to vibrate in harmonic resonance using various energy medicine tools to unravel energy blocks, contractions or illusions.  We focus on  breathing patterns to awaken Qi energy flow throughout the macro/micro bodies and to increase Self love for all particles.  The experience organically unfolds, inter- weaving the Divine HUman Template and the Soul Blueprint in Oneness.  Together we allow the powerful ReEvolution and ReIntegration process of the Higher Self to occur. 

Star Light Guide


I naturally connect to portals, star gateways and light grids in my own HUman inner-cosmic energy channels.  I experience the subtle bio sensations Realigning in my Multiverse.  Soft awareness  Regenerates Source life force into the architecture of Gaia.  My pure heart's intention is to emanate light encoded frequencies and radiate infinite love to Gaia, the Universe and our Cosmos.  In groups this feeling is strongly accelerated.

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You Tube: July 26, 2019 

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